Wedge Show 8: Goodbye Larry – 12.12.09

At work. Missing this. I think it starts in 21 minutes. ach.

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from the folks at the wedge:

When we all go back home and take our winter breaks and then come back to Burlington, the esteemed LARRY WISH will not be here.

He is moving back to Minnesota.
But before he does, he is going to put on his best performance ever alongside these bands:

Abraham Backfur
Alpha Centaur
Son of Salami
Spacemen Saturday Night
Snake in the Garden/Grovel
Toby Aronson

maybe more….

So please, join us for a night of fun, crimson, clover, cats, and being uninvited.

Let’s Do It.

5:00pm – 11:00pm
~ The Wedge – 6 Pomeroy Street – Burlington, VT~

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