Moving Pictures w. MAGA + Whales and Wolves – 12.06.09 – The Monkey House

Man. I’ve started about ten posts in the last week, never finish them and then the show or event happens and  its all over with. I’m going to at least start and finish this nugget of info since its only a few hours out. Hopefully there are a few more folks kickin about the library / coffee shops putting off their studies/ work related duties by checking Angio.

 Here’s a fun show for you happening this evening at the Monkey House in Winooski. 

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Had the pleasure of seeing these folks in Keene NH a few months back. Had caught PAPER CASTLES at the Starving Artist and then bounced across the street to catch these guys.  

Moving Pictures hails from the granite state of New Hampshire and offers incredibly orchestrated post-rock that is both innovative and accessible.

Jentri of Jentri Jollimore fame, and Ben and Randy, formerly of the seminal post-rock band (hahahahahaha) Death to Tyrants, as well as Lark. They rule and Pete Likes Them. You can quote me on that. ~ Annie S. 

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MAGA just got back together. Rad Halloween Basement show followed by a rockin last minute set at Radio Bean a few weeks back. The break seemed to be good for these boys as they are bringing it back hard. Even rocking some DADDY LONG LEGS & FACES songs. 

Maga uses experimental and electronic sound sculptures along with intriguing song structure to leave the listener very satisfied.

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Whales and Wolves


Whales and Wolves is a mellow folk rock group with lush vocal harmonies and catchy compositions. You may have already caught them playing about town with the likes of LADY LIONESS or The BRUNETTES. 


And even though we only kinda talked about presenting it and never had a poster made for real, Annie busted out this prize. 

~ Sunday December 6th, 2009- The Monkey House – Doors 8:30 pm – 18 Plus with ID – $5 CASH ~



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