Life Among f – Saturday 11.14.09 –

The F just shot this our way.


F returns this fall with

Life Among Whales

Starting with some fantastic short films at 8 pm this Saturday the 14th of November.
Bring your friends.
free hot chocolate



(69 Grant Street)

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Weaving together natural history and biography, A LIFE AMONG WHALES is a fascinating exploration into the life and work of whale biologist and activist Roger Payne. Payne’s electrifying discovery in the early 1970s that whales sing “songs” helped ignite the modern day environmental movement.

A charismatic and passionate individual, Payne’s pioneering spirit has consistently advanced the boundaries of science and activism over the last four decades.

A LIFE AMONG WHALES traces Payne’s scientific research beginning with his early work in Patagonia, where for two years, he, his wife and four young children lived in tents on a remote bay so that they could have unhindered access for the study of Southern Right Whales.

It explores Payne’s tireless and passionate fight to ban whaling — a ban which today, 20 years after an international moratorium was imposed is threatened — and follows him to his present day study of ocean pollution and his work with The Ocean Alliance, a non-profit organization and global leader in whale research and conservation which he founded.

With beautiful and haunting images, Payne challenges us to become the greatest generation of all. Saving earth’s largest creatures would open the door to humanity’s recognition of our true role in the biosphere.

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    Hi there!
    Great film! Everyone should see this!! for more information on it, you can also visit

    Wish we could also go to the screening, would love to see it on a big screen again!!


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