You Can Be A Wesley! & Husbands AKA – 11.07.09 – Muddy Waters

Man I like You Can Be A Wesley. I often wake with their songs already playing in my head.

Rolling into town on the 7th to play a rocker with HUSBANDS AKA & Patrick Brownson at Muddy Waters, a night before they hit up EAT YOUR HEART OUT BOSTON @ Church supporting DEERTICK. 

Have seen them at the Monkey House two times prior, hope the downtown location treats them well and they get some randoms in off the street. 

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The warm, vintage sounds on Boston-based quartet You Can Be A Wesley’s debut full-length were recorded straight to two-inch tape last summer by Jeremy Mendicino of fellow Beantown locals (and Hardly Art signees) Pretty And Nice.

Heard Like Us presents the ideal feel-good summertime soundtrack. 

Though poppy hooks, whimsical imagery, handclaps and tambourines shimmer throughout, the record is not overly sweet. It features Joanna Newsome-esque vocals and memorable sing-along choruses while also presenting clear rock ‘n’ roll sensibilities. Straightforward, repetitive guitar riffs, Pixies-inspired bass lines and aggressive drum beats see-saw perfectly against the lighter, lovable notes, all of which are wrapped up in a surfy analog haze – Liz Pelly – CMJ Review



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Come hang out in between the sets of awesome going on all day at the Radio Bean 9th Birthday Bash. 

~ Muddy Waters ~ 9pm or soish start – DONATIONS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED/ Appreciated! ~


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