Cabinet of Natural Curiosities – 11.06.09 – Radio Bean

Per usual, Hope to get out in time to catch these folks coming through town. It’s certainly not all about who you have and have not played with, but these folks have graced the stage supporting some acts I’m truly fond of.

The likes of: Mount Eerie, Calvin Johnson, Racc-oo-oon, Jason Anderson, Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, Dan Deacon, Videohippos, Magnolia Electric Co., Tiny Vipers, June Madrona, Eric Carbonara, Paper Hats & Point Juncture Wa. 

They’ll be stopping through Radio Bean this coming Friday to play a set starting at 9:30pm. This will be night one of a quick 3 night jaunt through New England with additional stops in Portland/ Lewiston Maine. 

Come hang out the night before the Radio Bean turns 9.  

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Cabinet of Natural Curiosities 

“Cabinet of Natural Curiosities is a result of the indie-music world’s ongoing experiment with folk: It cuts the music apart, sending its pieces back to imagined woods, shires, and netherworlds, and patiently lets them drift back in new configurations… Cabinet leader Jasmine Dreame Wagner has a feel for her influences’ primal sweetness and creepiness. Between her vocal melodies and some spare guitar-plucking are cracks that fill up with the sounds of glassy chimes, tweeting birds, children’s voices, and other idyllic forms of ambient noise.” 
—The Onion A.V. Club

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– For Sparrow –

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 – Moon/Sparrow @ Rererato, Portland, OR 9-22-07. Live sound. Live video.

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