The Heavy w. Rough Francis – 11.04.09

Heard The Heavy were coming and thought it would be rad.  Just saw that ROUGH FRANCIS got added to the bill.

Now we’re probably talking sell out.

A gentleman who worked with me for a brief time gave me their album 


.hearted it.

Given that they are from the UK and we are in VT.

Figured not likely to see them.

Glad MSR booked’em.


The core of The Heavy are Swaby and Taylor, who have known each other for a decade. Swaby’s parents were one of the first West Indian families to move to Bath. One of eleven siblings, he grew up surrounded by reggae, Prince and Two Tone as well as the hip hop he embraced so fervently. When he met Taylor they bonded over vintage rhythm and blues and the movies of Jim Jarmusch.

Despite starting with an Atari and a four track, the pair soon recruited Ellul(drums) and Page (bass) and began gigging as a four piece. Perhaps their unique sound is in part the result of coming from a town they describe as “the graveyard of all ambition”.

With a background in the joys of sampling and a foreground in scuzzy guitar, bass and beaten up drums, with schizo music tastes and a West Country pace, they’ve been building brick by dirty brick. Now they’d like to welcome you into their beautiful home for a little nose around, a kind of party if you like. And if a little blood gets spilled then that’s just how it is. Nobody said it was going to be a spread from Hello magazine. It will, though, be the best party you’ve ever been to.

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w. Rough Francis
11.04.09 – Club Metronome
8 Doors – 9 Show
$8 @ Door. 18+

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Rough Francis. killing it.

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