Jozef van Wissem. Che Chen & Robbie Lee. myrmyr. 10.21.09 . Firehouse Gallery

These three acts are exactly what I need right now.

never ending Mellowness. Something to relax to. try to sit up straight to.

an evening of  lute & electro acoustic happenings

presented by Greg Davis.

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jozef van wissem

– (palindromic lute music from the Netherlands) –

Composer-lute player jozef van wissem is renowned for his unusual approach of the renaissance and baroque lute. he cuts and pastes classical pieces, reverses melodies, adds electronics and processed field recordings made at airport lounges and train stations. the unusual wedlock of composition and improvisation creates an unheard amalgam of contemporary folk and late renaissance music. he has accomplished the strange feat of bridging the idiom of seventeenth century lute literature and twenty-first century composition. –

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che chen & robbie lee

– (new music for old instruments from Brooklyn)  –

H.M.S. BEAGLE is a duo comprised of multi-instrumentalists Robbie Lee and Che Chen. Using a constellation of instruments that includes bass clarinets, baroque recorders, flutes, reed and pipe organs, renaissance keyboard instruments, bowed and plucked strings, bells, shakers, rattles, drums, blocks and the occasional electrical device, H.M.S. Beagle make (mostly) acoustic, improvised music that unfolds slowly, guided principally by a sense of listening in the moment and by placing precedence in attention over technique. –

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– (strings + electro/acoustic music from Oakland) –

myrmyr is Agnes Szelag and Marielle Jakobsons making electronacoustic songs on many instruments including the violin, cello, voice, gezhong, piano, harp, among others. We combine experimental recording techniques, production, and electronics with song forms often inspired by our common Baltic heritage. The result is a unique style of electroacoustic music, reminiscent of Scandinavian folklore, lullabies, dramatic film scores, electronic and improvised music.

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@ firehouse gallery

wednesday, October 21st, 2009
all ages

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