The Rural Alberta Advantage w. The Lovely Feathers – 10.09.09

Currently kickin it in Portland. Just gave my brother a ride to the bus station so he and his lady friend can go to SPAIN. Caught some music last night as well.

Burlington’s own PAPER CASTLES w. Portland’s HONEY CLOUDS.

Probably have a chance to catch HC sometime soon in Burlington if all goes well. You should also check out the label some of the folks in the band maintain called PEAPOD RECORDINGS ( Chriss Sutherland, Brown Bird, Dan Blakeslee). Also saw PRINCE RAMA OF AYODHYA again, two nights in a row. !! eff !!$.

LOUD and great. At a new spot called the APOHADION THEATER. Swell space.

Any who.

Going to miss this tonight, but its certainly a show folks should check out if they have a few bucks and some time.

Two Canadian acts on the rise.


The Rural Alberta Advantage play indie-rock folk songs about hometowns and heartbreak, born out of images from growing up in Central and Northern Alberta. They sing about summers in the Rockies and winters on the farm, ice breakups in the spring time and the oil boom’s charm, the mine workers on compressed, the equally depressed, the city’s slow growth and the country’s wild rose, but mostly the songs just try to embrace the advantage of growing up in Alberta. – Just signed to Saddle Creek

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The Lovely Feathers play FAST indie pop.

Toured about/ played with the likes of Metric, Dr. Dog, Spinto Band, Man Man and Islands to name a few.


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Higher Ground – Showcase Lounge

Friday, October 9th – doors 8:00 show 8:30 – ALL AGES

$10 day of show

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