MAUI w. MOMO, TDCW, Sacred Harp – 10.03.09 – Radio Bean



“this MAUI shit is awesome!” – my co worker – 9.29.09

Nick & Brian will be playing a late night set on Saturday night. Midnight is the scheduled start time but it’ll probably be a wee bit after that depending on how things roll on at the Bean. A jam packed night of some pretty great music all across the board genre wise.

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Kicking things off at 7pm with some Vaudeville will be the Slomski Brothers.

Next up around 8pm we have Daniel Bachman’s


out of Fredericksburg, Virginia. He’ll be touring up through Vermont as part of a 3 date run of Brooklyn, VT & Portland, Maine.  With later dates accompanying some personal faves such as Blood Warrior & Cursillistas heading into Nov & Dec.


Jason, John & Jesse came through Vermont back on August 29th and  played the Monkey House. Along with that visit they also received some praise from 7 Days for their new release titled In Deference To A Broken Back.

Two years ago, Jason’s struggle with a back injury inspired the recording of In Deference to a Broken Back, the band’s debut full-length (release date: 5.19.09). Mixed by fellow Eau Claire friend, Justin Vernon of the acclaimed Bon Iver.

Ready your ears for some upbeat and, frankly, ingenious orchestral pop-slash-psych folk… Pop Matters


MOMO are psych folk act out of Rio De Janeiro and are touring all across the US at this time . A 3 date run of VT with the Bean being their 2nd stop. D. Bolles  at 7 Days has a nice summary of the band as well as a video over at SOLID STATE.

-A Estetica do Rabisco (Dubas Musica), the debut album from MoMo (aka Marcelo Frota), taps into that loopy vibe in service of more conventional pop tunes, and the results are stunning. Along with Caetano Veloso’s Ce, it’s the best album I’ve heard from Brazil this year. Actually, it’s among the best records I’ve heard from anywhere this year. Frota has made clear his admiration for folks like Devendra Banhart and Antony & the Johnsons, but I find his stuff more subtle, focused, and restrained … Buried in the gorgeous murk of feedback, gentle guitar arpeggios, organ swells, jagged beats, and lovely harmony vocals are pretty melodies that ought to make American psych-folk hacks hang it up.- CHICAGO READER

the new release is available for download here.

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