Prince Rama of Ayodhya w. Beach Fossils, Tooth Ache , parmaga & UPbrella! – 10.07.09- The Gezellig Theater

We’ve certainly posted a few times now about Prince Rama of Ayodhya each time they have strolled through Burlington. This might be the first time I actually get to catch them though. The first time through was an epic event pretty much presented by the Whitehaus Family Record ( bestest folks in Mass! ). A two venue blow out between the Bean and The Monkey House with the likes of Teeth Mountain ( who came back on tour with Dan Deacon/Future Islands), Many Mansions, Gracious Calamity, Manners, Peace Loving, Truman Peyote and locals Maga!

Last time through was their TOURNADO 2009 Tour midnight set at Radio Bean  with favorites Truman Peyote once again.

We’ll see how the work week rolls out and if I get out of work before midnight.

If so, Im there.

This is a top notch event.

Pretty psyched to potentially catch BEACH FOSSILS ( Woodsist/ Captured Tracks). Keep some good company with the likes of Kegs of Acid (played the Bean),  Underwater Peoples Records who are putting out the new Mountain Man  tunes (come back soon!) and acts such as Real Estate andWoods.


Impose Magazine ~ March 2009 ~ SXSW review

“Prince Rama was, undoubtedly, the weirdest, most compelling show I saw all week. Two drummers playing a part that could have easily been done by a lone, competent percussionist? A spacey, autoharp strumming neo-flower child operatically moaning into the microphone? A dirty-moustached, head-banging, keyboard mashing teenager opposite? And when the power blew – as it would several times at Treasure City Thrift over the course of the afternoon – a stomping, clapping, a capella gospel number? Wait, what?

Of the thirty-odd bands I saw at SXSW, Prince Rama also has the songs that stick most clearly in my mind. Processional, noisy, distorted lamentations and proclamations about God-knows-what make Prince Rama a band that one is compelled towards and mesmerized by like Odysseus to his sirens.”

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Psychy Lo Fi beachy choruseseses?!. Jangly geetars.Brooklyn based folk(s). Not sure if it’s simply a solo act of Dustin Payseur or if he’ll have a crew with him as he did the other night in NYC opening up for WAVVES with GANGLIANS.

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Local Burlington folks


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as well as UPbrella! ( killed it at the art hop )

will be performing as well.

More info will be posted as I find out. Doors at 8:30, music should start off at 9pm.

A cover. Be nice. Bike or walk it out. Be nice. Buy some merch.

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  1. gd
    Posted September 30, 2009 at 8:13 am | Permalink | Reply

    sun circle played a sweet show with prince rama in oakland about a week ago or so.
    they are sweethearts and put on a good show!

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