Lonesome Lake – 9.26.09 Radio Bean – 10pm


A diverse and lovely night of music at Radio Bean tonight.

LONESOME LAKE starts  at 10pm. Lonesome Lake are a trio out of Keene, NH. Bjorn is a great cook and plays a mean fiddle, Greg used to play in a band called First Cut is The Deepest/ designs rad posters, and Jeff is the proud father of twin miniature people/ as well as the bass player in Redwing Blackbird. 

Each member has brought to the group a depth of musical influence and experience that informs their compositions. Gregory plays acoustic guitar, sings, and writes eloquent and often heart wrenching chronicles of life, love and loss. Jeffrey drives the songs by adeptly laying down rich and moving upright bass lines and sings harmony vocals. Bjorn brings it all together with his virtuoso violin playing that weaves in and out of the songs with beauty and intensity. Collectively, they create the resonant, melodic, sometimes dissonant, and stirring auditory experience that is Lonesome Lake.

Would highly recommend for local fans of The Low Anthem, who they have graced the stage with. 

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OWL POWER ( formerly Dead Jettsons ) will kick off about 9pm. I caught them last year at HG when they did an opening slot for Ladyhawk. A rocker of a band.

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Closing out the night will be a project by a name I just made up.


QUALITY PENMANSHIP should hit around 11:30 given that all rolls on as planned. A new band featuring members of bands you already probably know. I’ll just say its their first time playing out as a band. If you can’t catch them tonight but are still interested in the mystery of it all, I hear they are playing with CLUES next week in a basement of a record store during Pop Montreal. 

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