Larry Wish -> Krinket Software: Newer Burlington Act ( at least to me )

Was hanging up some posters the other day and came across a free CD. Wrapped up in a piece of paper with just the words krinket software 2009 on one side and then a little face and what i thought was 3 little fingers.

It just occurred to me that its actually and L and a W combined together. Larry Wish.Anyways. Looks to be a newer Burlington performer formerly based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. A piece of the Soothing Almonds Collective.

The CD is bad ass. a 27 tracker. Could see LW rocking an upcoming Fucked UP Music event.

casio keyboard & drums & vocals & boss module 

Looks as though LW is playing on Friday Sept. 25th at the WEDGE with the likes of  Roman Wolfe/Derealize/Psychic Vagina/Rats Cops/Alpha Centaur/Lawrence Welks & Our Bear To Cross. 




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