Califone Tickets on sale TODAY!!

Hey all…

Just a note to say that tickets are now on sale at Pure Pop  and the Monkey House for


on October 18th.

Tickets will be $12 ( Pure Pop does charge a $1 fee for being great about letting us sell tickets there).

If you are under 21+ by the time the show happens, you will be charged an extra $5 by the Monkey….

service charges are a bitch.

But trust me, this will be worth it.

They will be on tour supporting their new album,

All My Friends Are Funeral Singers

Most of the shows on the tour will have the band playing as the sound track to the movie of the same title, but since Burlington is lacking in willing and or reasonably cheap venues for such an undertaking, we are going to be treated to a rock show with


Sian Alice Group

and Burlington’s

Paper Castles

opening up.

Please do buy tickets sooner than later.

here’s a quick Sian Alice Group video for you:


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