Samara Lubelski w. Joshua Burkett – 9.20.09 – Radio Bean

I’m pretty excited about this one. Glad it panned out and they were able to find a place to play in town. Hopefully a few folks come out. It’s later on a Sunday but its also the same night as The Decemberists in town so maybe a few like minded fans come on over after the fact.


Sunday September 20th, 2009
10pm til 1am

Suggested Donations Highly Encouraged

Samara herself has a long history of playing with a diverse bunch of groups including the highly influential Hall of Fame as well as with Tower Recordings and Metabolismus. She has also collaborated with White Magic, Sonora Pine, Jackie O-Motherfucker, MV/EE Bummer Road Show and used her engineering skills to record The Fiery Furnaces, Double Leopards, Sightings, Mouthus, Religious Knives & Magik Markers. She has recently been working with Thurston Moore on his solo record, Trees Outside the Academy, alongside Steve Shelley and J. Mascis.

Samara Lubelski’s 5th solo LP Future Slip serves up a gorgeous and friendly collection of bittersweet melodies, sinister basslines, gestural Polaroid lyrics, and spot-on drumming- garnished with sprigs of fuzz, paired with a guitar Riesling. It is a record of knowledge and innocence, of truth and fairytale, of wonder and clarity. Envision France Gall performing the songs of Sterling Morrison and Mo Tucker with Ralph Molina on drums. The show is at a loft across Bowery from CBGB’s and the only person in the audience at soundcheck is Jandek, cross-legged in the middle of the floor. Produced by Thurston Moore.


Burkett has released 4 solo albums of ‘internal psychedelic meanderings’-on his own label, ‘Feather One’s Nest’. His “Gold Cosmos’ album getting the most attention as pre-dating(and some saying giving birth to) the “Free-Folk” movement with guests like Chris Corsano, Dredd Foole. MV, Six Organs of Admittance & others. He has a electronic-based live project (with Conrad Capistran from Sun-burned Hand) called ‘Tarp’& is also a visual artist. His newest album ‘Where’s My Hat’ was reissued by Time-Lag Records last year.

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Come on out. Wear a sweater on the walk over. It’s getting cold.


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