Dark Dark Dark w. Shawn Grady & UPbrella @ Gezellig Theater 8.27.09

A last minute pieced together event that turned out lovely.

A rather wonderful suggestion from ECHOES STILL SINGING LIMBS member Aidan, emails to and fro, folks knowing folks, and a rehearsal session turned into full on concert.

 Come on out around 9pm. $3 . There’s so much going on tonight. I know. 




Since 2006, Dark Dark Dark has crisscrossed the country from ocean to ocean, playing in basements and bars, warehouses and street corners. When Nona Marie Invie (accordion/voice) and Marshall LaCount (banjo/voice) first began to play and write music together, they had no intention of starting a serious band – they just needed a way to earn passage to New Orleans. Marshall had run away from home to spend a summer sailing and singing down the Mississippi river on homemade rafts, and Nona had spent time hopping freight trains and wandering across the US and Europe. With no desire to settle down, the two set out, picking up band members Jonathan Kaiser (cello/voice) and Todd Chandler (upright bass) along the way. 

Dark Dark Dark’s sound draws heavily on Americana and Eastern European influences, referencing a long tradition of wandering musicians and those who have lived deeply. With intricate song-craft and playful sensibilities, Dark Dark Dark uses their small array of age-old instruments to conjure a lush musical vision of the future.

* Also going out on tour with a big favorite of mine, WHY? Another Anticon artist, DOSH provides percussion on their release “The Snow Magic.”


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