– Indie Flick Screening at Designhaus – RSO [Registered Sex Offender] – 8.27.09

So we tried to screen the Harmony & Me flick last Saturday night via our friend Graeme Flegenheimer, but it fell through at the last minute due to some unforeseen circumstances etc. After some talks with the director of the flick, Bob Byington and his assistant, they and Graeme thought it might be cool to screen another of their movies, RSO [Registered Sex Offender].

Hopefully some folks come out, like it, and then come out again when we actually get to screen Harmony & Me sometime in the fall.

So here’s the gist:

Designhaus ~ 7pm Doors/ 7:30pm screening/ 75 minutes */ $5

RSO [Registered Sex Offender]

A (fictional) documentary crew follows a twenty-something convicted sex offender from his release from prison on the road to his unlikely rehabilitation. Through mandatory community service, group therapy and the search for a job, his sarcasm and vulgarity manage to offend everyone he encounters. His failure to change is frustrating not only to his girlfriend, but also to the documentary producers as they patiently await a breakthrough, which may never come.

In an ironic twist, the producer suspends production, calling our anti-hero “sarcastic and cruel” and “not sympathetic enough.”

Can he ever be reformed?

RSO features wickedly funny performances and a list of cameos that reads like a who’s who of American independent cinema, including director Richard Linklater, Andrew Bujalski (Funny Ha Ha, SF Indiefest 2004) and San Francisco’s own Caveh Zahedi.

Irreverent and wildly entertaining, this SXSW hit boldly mocks the conventional story of redemption with its perverse wit and in-your-face humor.

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“Take the dialogue and wit from Welcome to the Dollhouse, the quickness of Waiting for Guffman, add a pinch of Heathers, and combine the aesthetic of Funny Ha Ha with The Office, and you almost have an idea of what this film is.” – Aint It Cool News SXSW’08

* plenty of time to make it over to the Dark Dark Dark , UPbrella & Shawn Grady @ The Bakery  / or Nuda Veritas, Pure Horsehair & A Light Sleeper at JPs.



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