Blood Warrior & Folks – 8.24.09

Where’d the summer go? August is almost over, schools just about back in session, more and more folks are kickin it about town it seems. Though folks don’t seem to be coming out to shows as much, or maybe there just aren’t that many folks interested in what’s playing? Hopefully fall picks things up, even if it’s not technically fall, but only feels like it in my head.

Super muggy/ hot as of late. AHH

In the last 2 years, some of the best times I’ve had once it started to FEEL like fall were with booking events w. Tick Tick & Friends and holding them at space(s) like The 5th Element/ The Bakery/ some odd spot about town.

WOMEN, MIRACLE FORTRESS, MONOTONIX, NAT BALDWIN, IMAAD WASIF, RYAN POWER, VIDEOHIPPOS, OSAGE ORANGE, ROUGH FRANCIS, MOUNT EERIE , CFTPA & HEARTTHROBZ to name a few, were all amazing events that folks came out for be it Fall, Summer, Winter or Spring.

Something about those spots always made it that much more of an event.

So, now that the FALL is just around the corner it’s fitting that a wonderful show has come about at the 5th.


A new project by GREG JAMIE ( singer of O’DEATH ), his wife Kristin Kellas-Jamie & JOE WEISS ( of SUPER MONSTER ).

I’d HIGHLY RECOMMEND checking out a quick read at My Old Kentucky Blog where Greg Jamie tells of how the project came together. There is also a lovely track titled CHOIR . An 8 minute piece that’s been on super repeat and thus turned into the sound track to my day.

“This project started when my parents went away on vacation to Alaska sometime last Summer 2008. They left for about a week and my friend Joey and I moved into their house on Long Island with a whole bunch of recording equipment and instruments. We put his giant tape machine in the dining room and I did most of the quiet recording sitting on the floor in my parents living room. We recorded drums in the garage and kept the neighbors up. We swam in my parents pool, drank sangria, cooked, recorded constantly and lived in a general state of bliss for a little under a week until we had to clean up and leave when my parents got back. That was our first session and we recorded about 6 songs there. Kristin was with us all the time, making art, adding vocals, being a general inspiration and creative force in her own right. I was working with my best friend and my soon to be wife. We named the thing blood warrior and decided to work on it more when the time came. – GJ – MOKB

Other folks performing that night include, but might not be limited to


8ish – The 5th Element – Sliding Scale Suggested

Donations of $5-$10!

The 5th Element is at the bottom of Battery St — just keep going!


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