MAZES, Lichens, Eli Keszler & Ashley Paul, Mirror Phases – North End Studio 8.13.09

MAZES (Joe Grimm/Ben Russell)
Lichens (KRANKY)
Eli Keszler & Ashley Paul
Mirror Phases (Joe Grimm/Lauren Carter)

Thursday, August 13th, 2009
North End Studio
294 N. Winooski Ave.
Burlington VT 05401

all ages

additional information for all acts can be found below!

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Mazes (Joe Grimm & Ben Russell)

After touring extensively through Europe with PEACE NOISE and debuting at festivals in Bordeaux and Madrid in their newest incarnation, light-noise duo MAZES will be embarking on their first U.S. tour.  Positioned behind a fistful of audio circuits and a pair of 16mm film projectors, film artist Ben Russell sprays white light in pulsating patterns onto your optic nerves, shaping sound and eyebeam with fingers/hands that intercede between lens and screen.  A photon’s throw away, sound artist Joe Grimm weaves a tangle of hand-built electronics into a skin of noise, a further manifestation of light pattern and intensity as real time audio.  Light is sound is light, cause and effect and chaos and hypnosis, again and again and again.


Spontaneous improvisational composition by form and function is the basis for Lichens. Injecting evolution and natural process into the art form is key. Reflection of internalized experience illuminates symbiosis, serendipity and syncronicity ultimately opening the door. Mistakeisms prevail, time only tells and future past is the next window.

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe is Lichens.

Through collaboration Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe has worked with White/Light, Cloudland Canyon, Michael Zerang, Joshua Micah Abrams, Alan Licht, Hisham Bharoocha, Rose Lazar, Bird Show (Ben Vida), Doug Aitken, Butchy Fuego and Om.

Eli Keszler & Ashley Paul

Mirror Phases (Joe Grimm & Lauren Carter)

The collaboration of media artist couple Joe Grimm and Lauren Carter, MIRROR PHASES uses electrical audio feedback to explore the circular exchanges between individuals: mutual influence, interference, boundary loss, sex.  Two people create sound individually and route these sounds to one another through a byzantine network of cables. Each receives audio from the other, which modulates, interrupts, and tunes current feedback patterns — and then sends individual sonic components outward, to modulate the other’s patterns. These interpenetrating paths of sonic influence are endlessly variable. The audible result is a combination of the efforts of both. There is no way to know where the sounds of one person end and the sounds of the other begin; instead, a third presence is born, a self-sustaining emergent force that subsumes both players.


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