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Birdie Busch!!

Two years ago I was on a trip from San Francisco back to our fair state of Vermont and my traveling companion had been gifted a CD by a friend.  I had also been gifted a CD.  Mine was Vetiver’s To Find Me Gone. Her’s was Birdie Busch’s The Ways We Try. Both were albums with titles that had four one sylable words in them…err… I mean, both had amazing songwriting coupled with very cool, at times dreamy, production.

Later that year, in September I believe it was, Birdie came and played a few shows in Burlington/Winooski/Montpellier.  Sad part is she hasn’t been back since.  Until now of course.

This Friday at 8pm at the Radio Bean, check her out.  It’s going to be great.

Sadly, local sad bastard folk heroes Birds and Beasts will NOT be opening.  Sorry people, save your tears for another day.


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