ROUGH FRANCIS! Opening for MOS DEF 8.05.09

So by now most folks locally know or are aware of the back story/ future of DEATH and the formation of ROUGH FRANCIS

Both are/ were/ and continue to be phenomenal bands that have started to garner some crazy attention all through out the music world. One major FAN! of DEATH that has voiced it for all to hear in interviews/ cover stories is MOS DEF. Mos Def recently talked a ton of DEATH and how he and DAMON DASH were interested in doing a documentary on them in the latest FILTER MAGAZINE.

Mos, aka Dante Smith, is loudly singing bits and  pieces of various songs by Death, a revolutionary but underappreciated ’70s punk band made up of three raucous brothers from Detroit.

“Roll yourself another stick of grass,”

he intones in his patented lazy croak, beating the thick air with his hands as if it were a drum kit,

“Jump on the seat and start to move your ass.”

Occasionally he’ll just shout, “Death!” mimicking the way the erstwhile power trio would kick off its noisy jams and causing bystanders to look over their shoulders and think, “Did Mos Def just scream ‘death’ at nobody in particular?”

Indeed he did.

“These dudes were pre-Sex Pistols, pre-Bad Brains, pre-all that shit, and nobody knows about them,” Mos says, baffled.

“I don’t understand how the world could forget them.”

FILTER ( check the full article here! )

Fortunately, for all those so interested, there is already such a documentary  in the works by film maker JEFF HOWLETT titled


After hearing of MOS DEFS kind words, Jeff and the DEATH Camp reached out to MOS DEF as he will be coming through VERMONT this coming Wednesday August 5th. MOS DEF happily responded and will be touching base with them regarding a potential interview for the already under way doc, but also said how he was a BIG fan of Rough Francis.

He further went on to ASK!?! the boys of ROUGH FRANCIS to open up his show at Higher Ground. 

So, if you aren’t already coming to the gig, here’s another fine reason to hit MOS DEF’s 1st Vermont gig in almost 10 Years. 

MOS DEF w. JAY ELECTRONICA & ROUGH FRANCIS ~ Higher Ground – Wednesday August 5th, 2009


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