Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow – Saturday 7/25

Saturday July 25th 2009


at the Monkey House…9pm $5

Oh, how I wish I had a video to put up by this band.  The recordings on the MySpace are great:


BUT, it doesn’t really hold up to how awesome the band is live.

They have an infectuous energy.

They travel in and out of coherent harmony by way of a tenor and an alto saxaphone with help from some angular bass.  The drummer has changed since I first saw the band, so we’ll see what we’re in for on this time around.  The tunes are all pretty danceable.  The spastic flow of everything (spastic flow, really?…yes, really) is beautifully countered by the smooth consistent delivery of singer Lorely Rodriguez.

I suppose the best we can do is post this picture once more….

…scandalous, no?

This shows going to be great…..bereave me.


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