Big Tree SINGS – Radio Bean – 7.10.09

I get a lot of rides from friends given that I haven’t had a car in quite a few years & someone just stole my bike?!?!. A big perk of my friends being so nice is that, well, I get to and from work a hell of a lot faster & I get to hear what they are digging tune wise on that given day/ week.

That is how I stumbled onto the Brooklyn based Indie Folk crew of BIG TREE. My buddy CHRIS saved me from a watery walk home one day and threw these guys on. Fresh off a gig at the Monkey, CHRIS ganked their record/ loved it and shared.

Now we share a bit.


“Big Tree… absolutely blew me away. Their sound was something of Explosions in the Sky / Broken Social Scene / Most Serene Republic. Epic post-rock elements mixed with proper rock and jazz and killer duet singing from excellent female fronted vocalists. They have a west coast summer tour on the horizon and I highly recommend going to see these guys. They really captured the intimacy of the venue and were one of the tightest bands I’ve seen in a long time. .”

– OMGNYC,, 4/26/09

Friday July 10th, RADIO BEAN, 9ish


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