Wet Luke Harmonize(r)s w. CaboLadies con Maui – 7.10.09

Back to the Bake….ah, GEZELLIG THEATER for some goodies. It’s been a wee bit since the noisier drone dark pop jams have rolled down those halls of 294 N. Winooski Ave. The Usual folks set up another rad gig with some talented in staters & outta staters for a night of sonic manipulation.

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(tobra & GD )

Friday, July 10th 2009
Gezellig Theater (formerly The Bakery)
294 N. Winooski Ave.
Burlington VT 05401

For more information / pics / videos  on the acts, check below!

WET HAIR (ex-Racoo-oo-oon from Iowa City)

Wet Hair is Shawn Reed and Ryan Garbes of Raccoo-oo-oon. Originally forming as an outlet for the remaining three members of Raccoo-oo-oon that stayed in Iowa City to continue playing music, soon turned into a solo outing for Shawn Reed, and now includes both Reed and Garbes. To date Wet Hair has released three cassettes and two LPs, on Night People/Not Not Fun/Release the Bats. Cult vibe organ drone, slowed down tape hiss percussion warble, and chanted vocal bathed in echo, provide the basics, a lone march across a desert, these are droney reverberations tinted with pop influence cloaked in the dark , music for vampires…lastfm

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CABOLADIES (from Lexington KY)

Caboladies are Central Kentucky’s best-kept secret, a trio of gifted sonic manipulators who seemingly surfaced from nowhere. The Cabos cast spells of elegant, shimmering drone seemingly extant outside of the constraints of time and space. Their music is richly textured and boldly hallucinogenic, a cosmic force unhindered by corporeal hang-ups. Akin to a host of other subterranean psychonauts—Vibracathedral Orchestra , Sunroof!, Richard Youngs, Double Leopards, Skaterslast fm.

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DEAD LUKE (from Madison WI)

Dead Luke is from Madison, Wisconsin.

He used to play in a band called The Dead Hookers, but they broke up.

Now he has gone solo.

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