Kevin Barker w/ Happy Birthday and Paper Castles (solo)

Sunday July 12th 2009

Kevin Barker


9pm/ $7 / 21+

So,  a little info on this:


You may know Kevin Barker from such post as the last post on this blog, but you may also know him from his super awesome guitar work on the last 3 full length Vetiver albums.  Or you may even know him in person from his performance at the Bakery with Andy Cabic and Otto Hausen of Vetiver last fall.  You also might not know him at all, which is why we’re here:

Kevin Barker lives in Brooklyn, made a movie called THE FAMILY JAMS (see last post), and is a bad ass guitarist.  Those are the facts as I know them.  Though Kevin often plays with a trio (including Hausen on drums), he’ll be playing solo this Sunday at the Monkey.  The songs he plays are reminiscent of the laid backedness of Vetiver, but with his guitar work at the forefront the vibe is decidedly more Deadish.  The songs themselves are nicely written with some really strong lyrical content.  It will be interesting to hear his solo work.


Happy Birthday doesn’t have any music recorded yet, so I can’t give you an idea of what it might sound like, but I can do my best to hype the band, SO, here goes:

The Band is

Kyle Thomas (Guitar/Vocals)

Ruth Garbus (Drums/Vocals)

and Chris Weisman (Inverted Guitar/Vocals)

Kyle Thomas plays in a band called WITCH, with J Mascis of Dinasour Jr.

Kyle and Ruth were in a band called Feathers, which I believe is no longer a band, but released an album on Gnomonsong.  Gnomonsong is the record label started by Andy Cabic (Vetiver) and Devandre Banhart, home to Papercuts, Vetiver’s Thing of the Past album, and a number of Michael Hurly reissues.

Chris just finished an album/supporting tour with Greg Davis.  The disc is really cool and the show was equally cool.

I get the sense that Happy Birthday doesn’t sound a ton like either Ruth or Chris’ solo work, but check these links, because they are both great:

Chris Weisman

Ruth Garbus


This is me.  I’ll be opening the show.  Lucky guy.


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