Angioplasty Video begins…

Angioplasty Video – Episode 1


So, this is the first video that we’ve done ourselves here at Angioplasty Media.

If you’re familiar with website’s like ,they do brief sessions with traveling musicians and post them on their site for the world to see. does strictly audio accompanied by a nice stylistic portrait of the artists.  It’s pretty cool.

Anyway, there are other outlets such as Irelands that do brief video sessions with artists.

It’s a really nice way of getting another look at the people we love to listen to; especially when we’ve got a cool space to do it in.

So, we decided, “What the hay! We know a ton of musicians and are getting to know more and more every day, so let’s do it ourselves, in a Burlington sorta way!”

Then we broke into song….

And when we came to, our first video was finished!


Chriss if from South Portland, ME.  You may know him from his previous work with Cerberous Shoal and his current band Fire On Fire.

Thanks to Brett Hughes for the camera!


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