Sore Eros with VILLANELLES @ Radio Bean Friday 6/26 10pm


Friday June 26 10pm



Sore Eros

“Robinson’s vocals have [a] high, lunar quality…but the way they’re recorded often makes them seem as if they’re being broadcast from the apartment next door, dislocated by time and space and smeared with heroic levels of FX. The song structures reference classic psych forms – most specifically the freakbeat sound of early Pink Floyd and the roaming bass/drums style of The Red Krayola’s first LP – while at the same time avoiding anything that might make them sound like period-piece revivalists. As the album progresses, the form becomes looser and more abstract, with outer structures falling away to reveal sidereal aspects more commonly experienced in altered states or subliminal settings: the sound of a car stereo tracking down the street; late-night pop radio in the trance before sleep. Sore Eros redeem 80s pop modes by conflating them with ‘canonical’ teenage forms, re-configuring psychedelic pop via refracted autobiography. The result is one of the most original psych/pop records of the year.” – WIRE Magazine, May 200


“A band growing parallel with the returning rock scene, Villanelles will stick a flower in your gun, but still bring the bang.” – The Deli Magazine 3/5/09


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