Jakob Battick & Friends – July 5th, Radio Bean


“An evening of mellow nocturnal-ness featuring myself and friends!”

“The music is slow moving and very sleepy sounding; perfect for a moonlit autumn night, shuffling your feet through crunchy leaves on the forest floor. The minimal instrumentation sounds larger than you’d think it whould, making it nice and full. Still, somehow it feels like each guitar pluck and sung word is echoing throughout an open field, as if the sounds are only echoing off of each other and not physical objects…Hiding In The Orchard is a beautifully understated record that probably won’t be heard by as many people as it should be.”
-Justin Snow at Anti-Gravity Bunny

Those friends include but are not limited to


10pm til midnight – FREE


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    This is Jakob, I really really appreciate this post!

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