Russian Tsarlag & Others 6.19.09

From the nice folks that brought you FUCKED UP v. 1,2 & 3.

Tonight, June 19th

the Long Mustache

208 Flynn Ave – 9pm

Russian Tsarlag (Providence, RI) –

hypnotic and minimal death rock/garage music with haunted sound and special effect.

Small Pox (Charleston, SC) –

a trio that plays more trashy noise punk with some deep rhythms.

Big and Tall (atlanta, georgia) –

a trio that plays skronky Magic Band-esque weirdo rock music with leads vocals pitch shifted up the ass.

Gay Bomb (Washigton D.C.) –

one guy playing through an electric card reader to get incredible collage sound features, all over the place.

with locals RATS COPS & Lawrence Welks !

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