5.18.09 – Steve Hauschildt (of Emeralds), Raglani (Kranky Records) & Greg Davis




Monday, May 18th
9pm @ North End Studio
294 N. Winooski Ave.
Burlington VT 05401

all ages


STEVE HAUSCHILDT (Cleveland, OH – Emeralds)
One-third of Cleveland, OH’s Emeralds, Steve Hauschildt is also a prolific solo artist. His analog synthesizer based compositions combine dense analog synth drones with progressive and new age inspired riffs.

With Rapt for Liquid Minister (Arbor, 2008), an album of sparse dronescapes and heady moog jubilation, Steve Hauschildt proves perfectly capable of enhancing an already sterling reputation as part of Emeralds with stunning music of his own. –submersibledirigible.com


RAGLANI (Saint Louis, MO – Kranky)
Raglani’s use of analogue electronics is tied to traditional krautrock by a thread of dark romanticism….mysterious or tumultuous landscapes as the analogs of inner feeling; the implication of hazardous travel through awesome and forbidding worlds; the situation of the viewer as an element of the scene at once assertively contemplative and utterly dwarfed…Raglani’s relationship with the music of Schulze or Fricke is not retrospective, but contemporary; he extends the tradition, he does not merely ‘reference’ it. — Michael Ferrer


GREG DAVIS (Burlington, VT)
You know him….you love him.

Sound explorer Greg Davis possesses a fearless and seemingly insatiable appetite for new sounds, projects, and collaborators….Davis has issued a number of highly-regarded albums, including the solo works Arbor, Curling Pond Woods, and Somnia, as well as full-length collaborations with Keith Fullerton Whitman, Sebastien Roux, and Jeph Jerman. — textura.org



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