An EXCITING SHOW – 5.03.09

Some of the most prominent figures in the American noise scene will be  stopping through Burlington this coming Sunday, 5.03.09, en route to this year’s NO FUN FEST in Brooklyn!

It’s always great when one act rolls thru town, has a blast, and tells their friends. CONCERN, brother of CASIOTONE FOR THE PAINFULLY ALONE did just that, and now with the guidance of Matt Mayer/ ASITG, we have a rad gig on  a lazy spring Sunday night.

Sunday May 3rd @ The Gezellig Theater
294 N. Winooski Ave
Burlington, VT


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Finer points for all acts can be found below…

PEDESTRIAN DEPOSIT (CA) :: Pedestrian Deposit is the recently re-activated project of California-based artist and Scum Crew member Jon Borges (Emaciator, Monorail Trespassing, Knives, Black Air, etc). PD began in the early 2000s with his unique explorations of electronic ugly/beauty by mixing post-production digital cutups of contrasting sheets of ruthless harsh noise and mournful ambient sound, with releases on labels such as Hospital Productions, Hanson, Truculent, RRR, Callow God, and his own Monorail Trespassing imprint. PD was put on hiatus while Borges explored monolithic industrial drone work with his project Emaciator, but has recently resurrected Pedestrian Deposit, now as a duo along with Bitter Milk, to delve into the middle ground between harsh and ambient utilizing electro-acoustic sound sources.

WORK/DEATH (RI) :: W/D is Providence’s Scott Reber. With Work/Death, Scott works with a wide pallete of noise, from processed field recordings to cello and seemingly everything in between. Each W/D release I have heard sounds different from the last, but still maintains the same high quality and strong sense of composition. Work/Death has released material on a wide variety of quality DIY noise labels such as Tone Filth, Corleone, Hospital Productions, Arbor, and Breathmint, in addition to beautifully packaged/designed cassettes on his own Three Songs Of Lenin imprint.

EARN (TN) :: Earn is the relatively new project of Matthew Sullivan, who started out making punishing harsh noise with his project Privy Seals, part of the early-2000s Southern California teenage HN youth crew known simply as Men Who Can’t Love, alongside harsh noise mainstays such as Impregnable, Ex-Jesus, Gator Surprise, Moth Drakula, Toxic Loincloth, etc. Now with Earn, Matthew produces beautifully pensive ambient melodies and drones, deeply buried beneath icy sheets of harsh high-end static hiss. Earn has released material on labels such as Callow God, Pathetic Legends, Monorail Trespassing, and his own label Ekhein.

WAPSTAN (MTL QC) :: Wapstan is the solo moniker of Montreal noiser and Brise-Cul Records head Martin Sasseville. Wapstan specializes in frozen heavy ambient and dense hypothermic drone. TOO COLD FOR YOU. Channeling KVLT frost from the iciest regions of the frozen Yukon, Martin creates overbearing electronic drones like the shifting plates of the most frozen of glaciers. Wapstan has many releases on his own Brise-Cul label, in addition to other labels such as Audiobot, X Died En Route Y, Trauma Tone, Nurse Etiquette, and Smoke Filled Casket.

A SNAKE IN THE GARDEN (BTV) :: this will be the first A S I T G live performance since December of 2008. Emerging from the shroud of another painful Vermont winter, A S I T G returns with new compositions, further exploring the ghost of harsh noise past, present, and future. Utilizing prepared cassettes, cassette players, and amplified metal, A S I T G attempts to unearth and expose the cloaked thoughts of the human mind via decrepit sonics and public exorcism.



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    one of the best burlington shows of 2009 so far.

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