Soft Black & Werewolves w. The Vacant Lots y Nosebleed. 4.29.09 ( tonight )

Way late on this one. As I have been lately.

Long week of sorts though. So, a quickie/ cut & paste cop out post for any last minute readers on this SUNNY Wednesday.

Never had the chance to actually listen to SOFT BLACK and WEREWOLVES til yesterday, even though I have seen the Ginormous posters over at the Monkey House and about town for the last few weeks.

The ROCK certainly helped to keep my heavy eyes open through out the day as I nursed a very tired head from the final Tick Tick gig the evening prior.

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“60’s pysch rock jam/ propulsive folk rock singalongs.”


Soft Black is the brainchild of local singer/songwriter Vincent Cacchione, whose own personal catharsis from a series of nightmares that kept plaguing him involved….therapy? Nah. Ambien? Nope. How about writing and recording a bunch of songs about it over the span of a year? Now that’s more like it. The resulting album – The Earth Is Black is an immensely satisfying throwback folk (but not folk)-rock listen, alternating between fist-pumping anthems like “I Am An Animal” and catchy campfire slow jams like “Time Gets Away And Has Its Way With You”. Sorry Vince, but your nightmares are everyone else’s gain.

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(really fucking like these guys)

“I have no idea what to make of The Werewolves, all I know is that I like them. They’re like some weird mix of Lou Reed, The Doors, Iggy Pop and Bauhaus. I feel schizophrenic just listening to them. In a good way. You can always tell you like a band when the record stops and you scream “hey!”

– racket magazine

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Rounding out the evening will be locals


Going to shoot to roll over there late night perhaps. Following a flick. Going to be at the Monkey a lot this week, need to ration out my time I suppose.

Or not.


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