Farm w/ Lendway and the DKOC

Friday April 3rd 2009


w/ Lendway and The Dark Knights of Camelot

at the Monkey  House

$6/21+ 830 Doors/ 9pm Showtime

So, if you’ve lived in Vermont for the past year and you like-a the music, them I’m sure you’ve read something about either Farm or Lendway.  Both have put out very well recieved full length albums in the past year.

This is Lendway‘s The Low Red End. My plan was to review it good and proper like, but my life took a turn for the sick and crazy, SO, this is what I’ll say:

The production is sweet, the vocals are emaculate, the songs are pretty darn good, and the performances are great….nothing negative?  There are some things I would have done different, but maybe that’s why musicians should review albums.

Also, the real greatness of Lendway, is that they pull the sound off live as well.  With such clean vocal harmony, thats a bitch to do.  So, come check them out.  I think you’ll like, then again, i don’t know who you are, do i? Who are you?

Also, Farm is great.  Really great.  And although I love a large portion of their older catalogue (Paul Klee for example ranks up there in my favorite songs of all time), I hear that Farm will have a collection of at least 10 new tunes to debut at the show, with their….ahh!!!….4th member, Bryan Dondero.   Should be totally fricking sweet.  SO guess what?

Farm plays at 9pm and Lendway plays at 10pm


Not to neglect the Dark Nights of Camelot, but they will also be playing…..AFTER EVERYONE ELSE!!

Thank you.


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