Best Show EVER!!!

Saturday  March 21st 2009


w/ Swale and Tom Banjo’s Cranky Show

9pm 21+ $5

Ok, Maybe not the best show ever, but this is one of the best local line-ups I’ve seen in a long time.  And probably the most eclectic…..EVER!!!


If you’ve not seen Barbacoa, this is a crummy recording that makes it seem like they are really from the 50’s, but alas, they are not…I mean, its a good thing because they can play at the monkey. Right? right?

Anyway, they’re frickin’ great.

Tom Banjo’s Cranky Show

This is a picture of Tom…from a while back.

And Lastly, I mean firstly:


I freakin’ love swale, and am so glad they found a baby sitter.

One of the bands that made me realize it was ok to play slow as hell.

Don’t miss this awesome night of music.


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