Brenda, Metal Feathers & Paper Castles

Been meaning to post on these shows for weeks damnit. Can’t seem to catch up on any thing as of late. Oh wells. Better late than never usually. Really excited to have the BRENDA & METAL FEATHERS folks here in town for a 2 day run**.

Kicking it off tonight, March 19th around 8/ 9pm down at the Half Lounge.  The last time I saw someone perform there, non DJ was way back in August of 07 when Matt Boyer from Sun Kil Moon played. Not too too sure what to expect for a set up for the bands, might be a stripped down affair.


Its a rad day here in town weather wise, so hopefully Church St. is a bustling into the evening.

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Friday March 20th finds the two acts playing over at the Monkey House with Paddy Reagan’s primary project


Once again, bad ass show.This time, full on rock assault. No holding back. Plenty of room for the whole band on stage!

Hop on yer bikes and rock Riverside over to the Noosk and hang.



& A great review from THE BOLLARD back in Portland.  Check it.

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There’s a slight chance you might have seen some of the members of these two bands in their last project sometime in 08.

Three of the folks made up 75% of the band CULT MAZE that played The Monkey House and 15 minutes at Parima during an Ice Storm.

Good times.

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** Hopefully going to be seeing a lot more of that with bands rolling thru this spring. Definitely keep yer ears and eyes open for LADY LAMB THE BEEKEEPER as they come hang for a few days at the tail end of April/ birth of May.


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