Villanelles w/ The Rosesmiths and Parmaga

Friday March 13th 2009


w/ The Rosesmiths and Parmaga

@ the Monkey House

$5/21+  Doors 9pm

There is lots of music in town.  Most of it you’ve probably never heard.  But, if you’ve been out on a Friday or Saturday night in the past year, there is a good chance you’ve at least hear the sound of the Villanelles ruminating from the inards of the Radio Bean.   If the windows are steamed up and there is an overflow of sweaty 20 somethings catching their breath at the end of a cigarette, then it’s generally the Villanelles.  And if its not, they’ll be on within the hour.

The Villanelles have in a short time become a Burlington staple, and a strong one at that.  If you haven’t been out in the last year, maybe something needs to change, eh?

This is a picture of Maryse Smith.  She’s the songwriter and singer for the Rosesmith (as well as the name sake).  Here songs sounds a lot like this picture looks… Seriously.

Lastly, or firstly maybe, the night will start out with a set from a Villanelles compatriot Brian Parmellee, of the band Maga…known for this performance as…dun dun! PARMAGA.

Maga was one of my favorite groups in town, and maybe still is.  Are you, Maga?  Will you be, Maga?  We’ll see how Par Maga does.  I’m sure it’ll be great.


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