tooth ache w/ Jenny Montana and Lady Lioness

Saturday March 14th 2009

tooth ache

w/ Jenny Montana and Lady Lioness

at the Monkey House

$5 21+/$10 under 21 830 Doors

This is Alexandria Hall, aka tooth ache, playing the guitar.  Chances are, she won’t be playing one this saturday.  The tunes up online and that I’ve seen her performe live are generally layered in a few different ways:

1) Beats from a drum machin

2) Delayed and/or looped vocals

3) Mooooooooooog or bass guitar.

Am i forgetting anything?  Is there something else one person can do during a performance?  Anyway, the performance itself is a treat and I recommend checking it out.

Tooth ache will be joined by a few of Burlington’s better songwriters that also happen to be female  They aren’t just some of Burlington’s better female songwriters, dig?

Little know facts about Jenny Montana and the Fancy Pants:

1) Jenny will also respond to Jenny Lee or Jenny Lee Pants

2) Jason is a black belt.

3) Allissa has the fanciest of all the pants.

Lady Lioness is a lady, NOT a lioness…although, maybe….


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