Lonestar Chain w/ Cannon Fodder and Cody Lee

Saturday March 7th 2009

The Lonestar Chain

w/ Cannon Fodder and Cody Lee

$5/21+ 9pm

The Lonestar Chain: (l-r) Bill Mullins, Steve Hadeka, Burette Douglas, Creston Lea

There is a radio show on the Radiator called Anything But Country. From what I understand, this isn’t a literal theme for the show, but a comment on one of the more common answers to the question “So, what kind of music do you like?”

The answer:

“Oh, anything but country.”*

To be clear, this is a post to promote The Lonestar Chain’s show this Saturday at the Monkey House, I’m just working on my interesting story introductions.

The reality, as far as I can tell, is that what people mean when uttering this blanket statement is that they aren’t in any way picky about what they listen to; but the bull-shit pouring out of your car speakers when your radio dial is set on WOKO or some comparable station throughout the clear channel world is too intolerable to be allowed under the umbrella statement, “I like anything.”  So, they feel the need to make it clear to the world that they too think the folks that market such glammy slush are stupid heads.

The music of The Lonestar Chain is country music.  The songs, written and sung by Burette Douglas, are a collection of tunes penned over the past 8 years.  A rough recording under the name Cane River Gang passed out to family and friends yielded encouragement to start up a band to play the songs live.  Thus, Buffallo Springsteen…

Oh, right…..that’s what the band used to be called.  Then they found out it was already a band. Thus, The Lonestar Chain.

In 2008 they released the self titled album, The Lonestar Chain. I think the easiest way to get the recordings is on iTunes, which I have no idea how to link to this page, but if you are reading this blog, there is a good chance you are iTunes savy, so diy, k?   Also, they’ll have CD’s at the show.

Its country music, for sure.  Country rock or Alt-country, country and western, outlaw country, honkey tonk, americana,  or whatever it might be, the band is killer (Steve Hadeka on Drums, Creston Lea on bass and Bill Mullins on lead Guitar and back up vocals), and the songs are great songs that are well arranged.

Cody Lee (drummer for the Cush) will open the night with a solo acoustic set, followed by local country rock band Cannon Fodder, with newest member Shane Hardiman on organ in tow.


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