VetiVERmont — it’s official.

Here’s the word……..

Tuesday May 5th 2009

Angioplasty Media Presents:


w/ Papercuts and Ryan Power

at the Monkey House

$10/21+  9pm

In support of their new album Tight Knit, Vetiver, one of the the best bands ever, yeah I said it, EVER, will be coming to the Monkey HOuse in Winooski VT.

Tickets will be on sale April 3rd at Pure Pop and The Monkey House.

They will be bringing along Papercuts.  Some of you may remember them from the Beach House Show last year.

And just to make it super fucking cool, we added Ryan Power as an opener.  What the crap, right?


Vetiver is a group based out of San Francisco, CA that holds all of the manifest destiny of the west coast preserved in each angelical note, in each poetic lyric, in every atmospheric drone.  It’s music that you hoped some day you would hear.  And now you’ve heard it. Or maybe you haven’t, and that’s why you should make your way out to the record store (Pure Pop maybe?) and pick up any one of these titles:

Vetiver – 2004 DiCristina

To Fine Me Gone – 2006 DiCristina

Thing Of the Past – 2008 Gnomonsong

More of the Past – 2008 Gnomonsong

Tight Knit – 2009 Sub Pop

Details and further news on the show to come…..


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