Sometimes the weather’s just plain out shit. Changes plans. Disrupts the flow of the day more or less. And sometimes it turns a perfectly traced out evening into a bummer. Or…a fucked up situation into something epic and rad. Take for instance tonight. Roads were pretty bad. I know at least one traveling act from out of town had to cancel over at the Monkey.

If you have to travel in this weather, simply assess the situation and then choose to….

A:  give 100% and get there, the final destination, fulfill your requirements, as to whatever the hell it is you are doing.

B:  sack up, sleep in, call ahead and cancel whatever the eff you need to be there for.

C. give 100% to wherever the hell  you end up, and roll from there.

What did

And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead

do today?

# C *

They woke up after playing the Middle East last night, popped into the van, crew and friends, and took off en route to Montreal for an evening of laying low. Every intention of rolling into the CA and hanging out til the 3rd when they are to play La Sala Rossa.

But weather happened. Montreal didn’t.

And then something really great happened. Folks knew folks, strangers to friends talked, and a night of music was planned.

At 11:20 or so, in downtown Burlington, a super appreciative crowd had a chance to see a crew of musicians fucking KILL. Unexpectedly. And for FREE!?

Always choose option C.


Thanks to those that made it happen.


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