TONIGHT!!! PAPER CASTLES w/ The Powder Kegs and Clock Hands Strangle

THe Monkey House

Sunday February 15th 2009

8pm Show $5


Tonights show with the Paper Castles, the Powder Kegs and Clock Hands Strangle should be pretty great.

The show was set up around Melbourne, Fla band Clock Hands Strangle, but has a couple of really nice local groups on the bill.


Paper Castles is the trio of Peter Negroponte on drums, Ian Kovac on bass and Paddy Reagan on guitar and vocals.  The group is a collection of Reagan’s songs and is an ambient slow noise rock group.  Lot’s of space, some noise, some lyrics.

The Powder Kegs

The Powder Kegs have become something of local lore simply due to the fact that they were killing it as a string band, and up and decided that its not what they wanted to do.  SO they decided to switch instruments and write songs that made them happy to play.  And, they made a great album at that.

Clock Hands Strangle

Very cool band from Melbourne, Fla.  Looking forward to seeing them live.



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