—Nuda Veritas CD RELEASE!—

Friday February 13th 2009


the Monkey House



$5/21 OR $10<21

Doors at 830pm , Show at 9pm

Nuda Vertias is getting her CD out to the world packed in 123 recycled-vinyl-cover handmade sleeves,


she’s having a bad ass show at the Monkey House to promote that shit!

If you don’t know anything about Rebecca Kopycinski and the musical world that she has created as Nuda Veritas, its a blend of classically trained, vocals, folk lyricism, minimalist guitar picking, and beautiful, beautiful noise…..ahh.

Starting the night will be Violinist Elizabeth Skinner.

Then…Nuda Veritas….then


…dun dun dunnnnnn……


a performance of Terry Riley’s “In C”.   Performed by whom you ask? Maybe you!  If you can read music, then you should bring an instrument to the monkey house and be part of the ensemble…seriously.

No really, you should.

Email her at nudavertiasmusic@gmail.com to let her know you are coming along and to get a copy of the music.

To inspire you, here is Part one of the University of Calgary New Music Ensemble performing  the 1st half of the piece.



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