Great Americans do TOM PETTY Tonight- 1.03.09 The Monkey House


Great Americans will play 6 or 7 gems from Petty’s oeuvre, retire from the stage for a while, take shots, etc., then return to the stage as Great Drunken Americans and tackle the same songs…usually better.

It’s me, Paddy Reagan, Tyson Valyou, Eric Carlson (founder), and some others.

Maybe Sean Cartney on bass? Can’t remember everyone. I can tell you tonight after rehearsal.

This SAT, JAN 3 at the Monkey. Our founder is moving to LA, so this is a last hurrah of sorts.


We invite folks to singalong, dance, and buy us shots. ~ Nuda Veritas

The Monkey House, Doors around 8:30 with music following. NO COVER. 


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