June Debris CD Release Party 1.30.2009

With so many upcoming events I’m having a hard time figuring out which one to post about first. Rather than doing it by date I’m going to get scattered and bust out posts with no real time line.

Simply keep note of the dates and I hope you go listen.


Friday January 30th at The Monkey House will prove to be a gorgeous evening of music covering a vast array of genres. All under the umbrella of a really great CD Release Party for Burlington based musician Jonny Wanser, aka.

June Debris.

I had yet to hear any of his music until he shot an email my general direction. This is certainly a band/ project I should have heard before now as It’s right up my alley. Super ambient, breezy flowing pieces with an occasional vocal.

Portions reminiscent of different Anticon projects like ALIAS and DOSH.

(At least to me)

Highly recommend Scarves & Bowties as well as Adorable Stalker which both feature vocals by Teddy Georgia.

You can pick up a free digital copy of this album here

Also be sure to check out his label

Young Optimist Records

for additional information on JD and other artists.

To round out the evening at the Monkey June Debris will be having these fine artists open the events. In no particular order:


Track 2948 is pretty fucking bad ass.


Big amps. Big drums. Recorded on tape, cassette tape. Beers. Beards. Badboysface. ( feat. half of Romans )


mellow acousticy plucking w. lush vocals



The band is currently learning how to play instruments and recording a new album called “Opposite Hitler Mustache”

Ticket prices to be determined shortly. Will update accordingly.


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