White Wind…A Happening..

White Wind…A Happening…
Wednesday, December 10
At Club Metronome
Doors at 8pm
$6 21+, $10 18+

Bringing the music of James Kochalka Superstar, The Vacant Lots, The Persian Claws, Rough Francis, The Fatal Flaws and Nosebleed Island to the stage, floor, back bar space and corner of Club Metronome.

A different kind of show. Something everyone should come out to see.

White Wind is not a band, White Wind is six bands, White Wind is YOU, White Wind is US, White Wind is intended to be an exploration in sight, sound and experience.  We are challenging our Idea of what a show is, expanding the format of how a show is presented and removing the barrier between artist and YOU / US.  Our hopes are to create an environment where you can move seamlessly between each sound, like the wind.  As your attention turns from band to band throughout the space, you will be literally surrounded and engulfed by a tornado of sight and sound. This will be an unprecedented event (for us, anyway), combining the best of Burlington’s high energy sounds with a fresh and psychedelic set-up.

– Tick Tick


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    I love this.

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