Ra Ra Riot, So Many Dynamos & Princeton 12.03.08

This could be a swell show.

I honestly can’t say I know too much about any of these bands but I have seen some positive reviews for Ra Ra Riot in the last few months. I think I’m going to roll through and check it out for a few.

If anyone feels up to coming, or rolling in at some point through out the evening, the first person to email me at nick (at) highergroundmusic dot com will grab a pair of comp tickets. Maybe someone wants to go ?

It’s been selling rather well as far as indie rock shows coming to Higher Ground.


“Just two years ago, the band Ra Ra Riot was a group of six friends from Syracuse University with a fondness for melancholy pop and string sections.Today, Ra Ra Riot is something unusual: a young band that has weathered high expectations from critics, a grueling tour schedule and the death of a founding member. It’s emerged from it all a seemingly stronger band, one that just released its debut full-length, The Rhumb Line…” NPR August 2008

Watch and listen i suppose.


“St. Louis’ So Many Dynamos have their feet firmly planted on the same shaky, unstable ground as Les Savy Fav and Q and Not U. The tracks on their sophomore release, Flashlights, feature upbeat tempos and driving melodies bursting through chaotic arrangements.” – Cory D. Byrom, Pitchfork Media


“There is a misconception about the trio known as Princeton that must be cleared up immediately, lest it causes listeners to turn their backs on the band under false pretenses: Princeton is not a reference to the school; Princeton is a street on which two of the members grew up in Santa Monica, California. These are not nauseating Ivy Leaguers who worship their alma mater; these are just some friends attaching a little hometown pride to their melodic, 1960s songs that tip their hats to figures of 20th-century English literature.” Nylon Magazine

Maybe it will  be fun?


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