A Super Busy Weekend Upcoming Part 1- Friday 12.05.08 * UPDATE

Friday December 5th and Saturday December 6th have a plethora of eclectic/ interesting music happening about town. Over the course of these two days there are at least 7 (*updated) different venues holding top notch music. It varies from 242 Main, Radio Bean, The North End Studios, The Monkey House, Club Metronome, Speaking Volumes and maybe even the Fire House Gallery.  It’s going to be a two day span of making some hard musical viewing/ listening decisions or a hell of a lot of running around Burlington/ Winooski.

A little something for everyone I hope.

If you travel accordingly you could hit it all. Catching bands/ dj’s from all over the world including  Burlington, Mass , Baltimore, Chicago & Iceland.

So here goes. Probably going to split it up into two posts.


Friday Dec. 5th – Club Metronome 10pm til close

Stereo Warmup

Tick Tick’s twice-monthly dance party comes downtown

As always, FREE for 21+! ( $5 for those under 21)

Mike Device

From the horse’s mouth:

“I’ve been DJing and producing since I moved to Burlington 8 years ago.  Depending on my mood, you might hear electro, indie, hip-hop, house, b-more, dancehall, disco, baile, or all of the above.  I just try to keep it interesting and fun.”

There you have it.



Human warmth, a kind glance, a sunset shared exist only as memories as distant as the future that can never quite arrive, never quite rescue the present.


The Whitehaus Family Record Showcase

This is a rather interesting event that The Whitehaus Family Tour will  be rolling into town but splitting the shows between Radio Bean and The Monkey House.

7 bands on tour, 4 at the Monkey and 3 at the Bean.

For two years, the Whitehaus hosted weekly Friday night HOOTENANNIES!, an all-out-romp for the poets and the hard boppers, the heads and the beat nuts, the dancers who shimmy and the strummers whos glitter and the noisers who fling and bang and bounce and wrangle. Spring 2007 hatched “The Whitehaus Family Record,” a project documenting the art, etc. happening at or around or the Whitehaus, an 8 bedroom home in Jamaica Plain, MA. Among other things, the Whitehaus Family Record is a resource that artists can use to publish their work and connect with other artists.

White House Family Record

Here’s the Break Down!

Friday Dec. 5th – Radio Bean 10pm til midnight

Gracious Calamity

gracious calamity formed in the margins of tall grasses and girls with glasses and soon spiraled up into a jungle of gentlewomen. they wanna be the breadwinner while you stay home and take care of the kids. for now, they’ll settle for respect.

Peace Loving

Acousmatic tape music


“Manners is a project of Gregory Beson, who has created a constantly evolving piece of sonic, visual and conceptual art. At the forefront of the Yes Wave movement, Manners is a furnace on cosmic industry: which manufactures information of secrets of the universe to share with kindred spirits. The music is a reflection of jazz-folk stylings interloped with classical melodies, electrified momentum, and a touch of soul. The sound poses powerful emotional questions about the calm and the violence of our shared inner world. The Atmospheric performances from Beson seem to come from within you, and extend back to him as he plays. The intoxicating groove of the songs is an testament to the nature of a young man with the intent of supremely elevating the spirits of anyone with open ears.”

Brian S. Ellis December 2008

Friday Dec. 5th – The Monkey House 10pm til midnight

Teeth Mountain

“TEETH MOUNTAIN Ever screw around on MySpace, following friend links and listening to bands you’ve never heard of . . . and suddenly get your brain split open? Yeah, hardly ever, I know. But this unsigned Baltimore outfit, which I ran across just that way, works an astonishingly heavy and bouncy drone-dance style, thick with grainy bowed cello and indebted to Indian and north African trance music—plus they use an organ in a way that ought to get them arrested for indecent exposure. Granted, my soft spot for bands that do the Theatre of Eternal Music thing is amply documented, but that just means I know how rare it is for one to get so much mileage out of it—I think it’s the way the drums and percussion drag the songs out of the lotus position and onto the dance floor.”Chicago Reader

“So the event was not so much about picking highlights (the lively drum-and-drone workout of Teeth Mountain)…and more about rethinking the way you experience a show—basically, a genre-fucking triumph…Teeth Mountain pummeled with noise and drums but always felt inviting and joyous.”
The Village Voice Online. Review of Baltimore Round Robin Feet Night in NYC

Recently finished touring with Dan Deacons Round Robin event.

They might have slept at the 5th element when the whole crew of 35 bands rolled through town back in October.

Prince Rama of Ayodhya

In their young lifespan, Prince Rama has toured the US and UK, sharing stages with Caribou, Magik Markers, Flying, Indian Jewelry, Larkin Grimm, Cryptacize, Dragons of Zynth, and Nat Baldwin and playing festivals with Pentangle, Spiritualized, The Super Furry Animals, Clinic, Black Mountain and many others. Their engaging and often unpredictable live shows reflect their eclectic pool of mysticism; amidst collective chants, werewolf summonings, and Sanskrit invocations, they have been known to distribute hand drums, conch shells, bells, gongs, and other various percussion to members of the audience to create the ultimate communal ritual experience.


No one has ever seen the real Many Mansions. Some believe he is a broken Casio living inside a crystal at the geographic center of the Unfreakable.

Truman Peyote

“To say the least. Truman Peyote is an astonishing mix of primitivist clattering and modern electronic twerks. It sounds like a Martian tribe emulating pygmy music, or ghostly reverberations from a dance floor in the future.” – The Weekly Dig

Burlingtons own Maga Will Open up the gig starting at 9pm


“Alternating among guitar, piano, drums and some spacey percussion looping, the decidedly un-groovy UVM outfit delivered the night’s most ambitious set.”7 Days review of Battle of the Bands 11.26.08


Friday Dec. 5th – The North End Studios

$7 in advance available here / $8 at the door. Doors 8pm

Join us for an exquisite evening of Icelandic dreamscapes from the very imaginative and charming Kira Kira!
Kira Kira will be touring the east coast from December 3d-17th with Alex Somers (Parachutes) on piano, casio and glock, Kippi Kaninus (www.kippikaninus.com) doing electronic tricks and Kira herself on guitar, laptop, toys and vocals.- Tick Tick


The relationship between adventurous music and primitive moving arts is of particular interest to Kira Kira. She creates performances where physical visuals such as remote controlled ghosts and blood driven cowboy hats floating in thin air with a bullet hole through the middle are set in context with electronic music, sometimes blending in theatrical elements, her home made 16 mm film or anything that serves the mood for each show. She either plays solo, singing and toying with small acoustic events inside electronic landscapes or with a band that usually consists of random friends whispered on board for each show.

Kira Kira


Ambient beauty from Baltimore!

TOBY ARONSON (solo, from OAK)

Indominable nu-new age

& a last minute fellow Icelandic musician


“Gudmundur Vignir Karlsson’s, aka Kippi Kaninus, penchant for balloon rides. In fact, it’s almsot the perfect metaphor for his music. Light, airy, and fun. Last year, Karlsson released one of the most overlooked melodically driven IDM album, Huggun. Karlsson’s mode of operation is one reliant on surprise. Huggun rarely finishes a track where it began and frequently takes a sharp left turn in its melodic structure throughout the course of the track. These are no real things to be counted on here- but that’s part of the charm.” – Stylus Magazine


Friday Dec. 5th – 242 Main St.

This is the first of two shows with ROUGH FRANCIS playing the music of DEATH.

For more info regarding the epic protopunk/ mc5 inspired 70’s Detroit rock act DEATH and their connection to Rough Francis , check here. To hear tracks Politicians In My Eyes & Keep on Knockin’ head here.

This Friday night gig will be with In Memory of Pluto and The Vacant Lots.

$5 at the door.

Get there early cause it will most likely sell out!


A fairly full evening.

5 venues. at least 16 acts.

See you somewhere.


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