Boduf Songs, To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie and Ben Vida & Greg Davis 11.29.08

It’s essentially a KRANKY SHOWCASE brought to you by the fine folks behind


If you’re lurking out post Thanksgiving weekend with an itch for some experimental music, you are more than in luck. 

“Kranky Records and Aether Everywhere present an evening of Smokey Melodies and Shadowy Ambience.”

Take a listen and come hang out at the Bakery.

Doors are at 8pm. Show kicks off around 8:45 or so.



(Southampton, England)


    “Stark and dark psychedelia exquisitely woven by one M. Sweet. A thick, oaken acoustic guitar dominates, but Sweet doesn’t shy away from applying cymbal splashes and string interludes (with some lovely harmonics feeding back on “Claimant Reclaimed,” a too-little-used technique of startling beauty) at odd moments in the songs. In so doing he fills out their texture, sometimes disorientingly, as with the strange chimes that devour the end of “Lost in Forests,” but he doesn’t make them overdone or obscure. He never creates too much of a diversion from the heavy, melancholy cores of the songs. These morose incantations, these burnished prayers were wrought with great care and intelligence  emotional, musical, and dare I say spiritual. What spirits are invoked I don’t know, but I imagine they are as riveted as I am to these haunted musings.”
    9/10 – Sal Addays, Foxy Digitalis, July 1, 2005


( Minneapolis, Minnesota )

The first thing that caught our attention about this Minneapolis (via Richmond, VA) boy/gal duo was their name: Hard not flashing back to those olden “punk’s not dead!” days when confronted with To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie. After that, we stumbled upon the gorgeous eight-minute, Björkian steam shower, “The Man With The Shovel, Is The Man I’m Going To Marry.” Um, not at all what we were expecting.

We weren’t too far off, though: Guitarist/vocalist Jehna Wilhelm and electronic sound manipulator Mark McGee’s debut full-length The Patron is a concept album, of sort, featuring “an underlying love story between two merging corporations that manage to capture the raw sentiment of isolation, profound discovery, and morbid betrayal.” Ambient sci-fi Futurism? You really can hear icy mergers and urban emotional decay. Listen to the distance (and longing) in the airy 4AD vocals, heart beat percussion, guitar scrawl, echo-chamber noise in “I Box Twenty,” an intensely escalating Portisheaded standout.

Band to watch, Stereo Gum 2007

To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie:The Patron Review ( Pitchfork, 2007 )

Greg Davis

“Davis is a Carpark vet and a former Keith Fullerton Whitman collaborator, a computer musician with a varied background in classical guitar, jazz, hip-hop, and improv.” -Pitchfork

Curling Pond Woods Review ( 2004, Pitchfork )

Greg Davis and Sebastien Roux:Paquet Surprise Review ( 2005, Pitchfork )

Ben Vida (Bird Show)

“…a primal drone that unites Vida’s obsessions – electronic hum, acoustic ambience and woodsy buzz – into one massive sound.” – Marc Masters, The Wire, April 2005

“…he seems focused on capturing the mysticism and mystery of those remote locations with haunting blurs of sound and ambient chatter. When he builds up layer upon layer of violin scrapes, it feels like a tranced-out version of Kronos Quartet creating a jarring, yet seductive fever dream.” – Steve Ciabatonni,              CMJ Monthly March 2005

“Vida has concocted a rich, febrile soundscape populated with buzzing, droning, scything strings, wheezy harmoniums, distant voices and the chatter of insects.” – BBC Music

Bird Show Review ( Dusted Magazine, 2008 )

Need assistance with finding the venue? feel free to email me at nick (at) ticktick dot org



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