Honey Space

Just got off the phone with my friend Howie who’s living out in California. She mentioned she read in the New York Times today (though old) an article about a new Chelsea Art Gallery with a tight Burlington connection.

I might be a little late in the know but it’s a A real interesting read.

Maybe Ill check out Mickey Westerns Installation while visiting NYC on wed .

It paints a nice portrait of a squat or a crack house. But what it actually describes is Chelsea’s newest gallery space, which opened its doors on Friday (2.22.08ish) right around the corner from Matthew Marks and other elegant high-dollar galleries. And while the new addition might look like hell by comparison, a small group of New York artists sees it as a kind of paradise, one they know will soon be lost.

Called Honey Space by its creator, the gallery has sprung up in one of the last unused (and as yet undeveloped or demolished) old warehouses in the booming, polished Chelsea art district. No rent is paid by the gallery. There is no sign. The door on 11th Avenue between 21st and 22nd Streets looks a little like a breach in the wall. The gallery will generally keep Chelsea hours, open Tuesdays through Saturdays. But most of the time there will be no one attending it. (The security gates will be lifted in the morning and lowered in the evening.) full article

Globatron.org has a nice walk thru/ interview with Mickey Western from about 3 weeks back right about here.


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