What I’ll Be Missing This Evening.. 11.16.08

paul metzger

With some of the most inventive (and brilliant) playing heard in a long time, the buzz about Paul Metzger is raging through the improvisational music community like wild fire. His weapons of choice are a heavily modified fretless guitar and a 21-string banjo. On these almost-alien instruments, Metzger creates otherworldly sounds unique unto themselves. His long, elaborate gypsy raga improvisations are skillful sonic meditations that sound both ancient and fresh in their immediacy.He has released several  recordings (including vinyl) in the past few years on the  Archive, Roaratorio and  Locust labels.


tim kaiser

Having built over 150 electro-acoustic contraptions, Tim Kaiser has truly mapped out his own musical frontier. His sonic atmospheres are a kind of adventurous experiment leading to a singular, artistic voice. This is a hand-made music that Make Magazine calls “eclectic genius.” Kaiser’s recording Analog was released on the Innova label last year and he just finished work on two limited edition projects:  Elements and Machine Music.

sunday, november 16th, 2008

firehouse gallery
135 church st.
burlington VT


tooth ache.  CD Release Party

8pm at The Radio Bean


The Monkey House

w. Vultures of Cult and Drive the Hour

If anyone catches any of these and has some feedback certainly don’t be shy about sharing. Thanks


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