ELFIN SADDLE & CLUES w. Nosebleed Island 11.06.08 YES!

So we finally found a home for a super fun show that’s been in the works for some time now.

Thanks to all the nice folks who offered up their spaces and I hope we can piece something just as fun together ASAP!


Pass the word to your friends and come out to this nice little space Ive yet to even see. Two amazing Montreal bands rolling down to kick off a joint string of gigs and trusty Joey Pizza slice working his Mario Paint Wheel Chair Magic Chaos.

ELFIN SADDLE (montreal) & CLUES (montreal)


Thursday November 6th, 2008 * Doors 8 pm * 143 North Ave, Burlington, VT * 


emi honda and jordan mckenzie grew up on opposite sides of the same ocean. somehow the currents were strong enough to carry emi from her home in southern japan to southern vancouver island in canada. emi spent alot of time gardening, collecting and making things. meanwhile, jordan was busy writing music and learning to build sound machines. as the currents grew stronger, they met, at first through art, each recognizing unmistakable similarities in the others work. soon they were playing music together, busking in the streets of victoria. they also began to collaborate on a series of sculptural installations. they completed several recordings together (”far & few”, sound stories’ “the spiral ship”). perhaps taking the road less travelled too often to be beneficial, they remained in the peripheries of the music world, rarely being noticed head-on. as things grew quiet, they grew restless on that island, and decided to push off to the island of montreal. in the process of moving, they developed a new, compact musical set-up, along with a more stripped down sound. this is now elfin saddle. ~ villavillanola


Pop Montreal Last October



While countless new bands have imitated the pop sounds made famous by Montreal’s music export, CLUES counts among its members originators of that sound. In CLUES,  Alden Penner (Unicorns) and Brendan Reed (Arcade Fire) continue pioneering music, expanding Montreal’s pop music lexicon with reference to the post-punk and experimental music traditions. The band’s shows are frenetic and theatrical: multiple drummers, unique instrumentation, and a bent Commodore 64. In 2008, Ben Borden, Lisa Gamble, and Nick Scribner of Montreal’s music / art scene joined CLUES. During shows and on recordings, the band share and trade off on their collection of instruments, creating grand versions of experimental pop songs

Pop Montreal Last October ( debut performance ) * not the best recording!!










* Don’t Be afraid to explore for the space or simply ask us where it is!!

A word on the venue: this is a studio space.  It’s in a white, garage type building at 143 North Ave, just across from the Fire Station.  If you don’t know where North Ave is, it begins at the top of Battery Park, at the police station.  Take it north, past the bright blue Burlington College building, and you’ll be there extremely quickly!  Email julia@ticktick.org for even more detailed directions.

check in with TICK TICK for more information and upcoming shows.


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